Alexei Savrasenko

The fastest in Europe, number five, world-class basketball player Alexei Savrasenko in their twenty-eight central eminent club – CSKA stands for the Russian team. Big guy on the basketball court and a large people in life: to him firmly in the team and loved ones safely. During a break between workouts Alex gave an interview 'Men's Club South Region'. Not surprisingly, this tall, strong and visible man lives a great responsibility to the people with whom he works as a team, and dedication, he chose as a child. CSKA, whose colors protects Alex – one of the most famous European clubs, with an interesting history and a long tradition, and the athlete could harmoniously integrate into the first team to win and catch as sympathy fans and the respect of players. And that, believe me, not enough. At this level of the strongest clubs competition, and many talented guys can easily get lost against the background of the masters of the orange ball. And to prove that you are the best in the starting lineup, only titanic effort and effective game.

For the professional Alex activity very seriously and change in life does not want anything. This Russian guy who likes to Russian cuisine and our pop music. Russian hero, a kind and generous, with a very calm character, while it does not touch the playground. That's where much mercy do not wait! A sharp, fast and punchy central laid out on a hundred shows and crazy basketball: and gaining points, and in the selection does not miss and hit penalty generally exceeds the limit! ..