Allergies And Animals

Ah, you are allergic for wool, which is why you want a cat naked? But do not trust someone who assures you, as if the Sphinx and Rex – hypo-allergenic cats, because breeders often dissemble! Do not forget that the law of trade of animals and plants exchange and non-refundable! You will be very sorry if you give in to deception, because you have to look for new kitten owners! But even more would be a pity kitty – because it will change the hosts terrible stress! Here on these important point I would particularly draw your attention. But there is another very important factor in the choice of breed – temperament and character of the animal. In our time on the Internet you can find all necessary information about you are interested in the breed. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit A. F. Chief of Staff . Do not rush to indulge in emotion appearance cats, or the convenience of its content, read about it, think about whether there would be a gentle loving Sphinx sit in your house forgotten toy? Or not too bothersome to your attention seems independent British or Maine-Kun? And I want to remind young parents and caring grandparents that young children in the house, which will live kitten, can perceive the kitty just like a regular toy zverushku, which is very amusing to unscrew the head. We often hear from those willing to buy a kitten that they are interested in animals aged less than one month, and then two weeks. Dear Sirs, And you had not occurred to wonder why websites cat kennels are usually written, that the kittens are ready to move into a new house no earlier than three and a half months? Yes, found on the street kitten can be picked up and immediately after birth, because otherwise he has little chance of survival, but a thoroughbred animal, brought up in the love and care, does not need your salvation! Any reputable breeder will prefer to first protect kittens from infectious diseases through vaccination, fully socialize the kids, and only after the kittens have become stronger, they may alienate the mother. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Secretary of Agriculture.