Without Vacation

Two works had been developed in the school in the initiative of a community and social life better. They had been: ' ' Day ' ' D' ' of the Paz' ' ' ' Planet in Apuros' ' , the first one had approach in the violence and in the attempt of awareness for one better social development, showing how much the removal of the young ones is important it stops with the violence. As it aimed at to display the great problems ambient that are collaborating with the global heating. The main focus was to try to acquire knowledge each pupil of that we can make our part for a better environment and this starting from the pertaining to school environment with small gestures that they can improve and very our environment. I finish it project that I detach in this year of 2011 is the project ' ' Without Vacation for the Leitura' ' , in this, the pupils would have to develop the reading and the synthesis of at least a book during the vacation time and still detaching the main ideas of the book, author what more it called attention in the book, being that the socialization of these points would be made in room in the return to the lessons. The work aimed at the reinforcement of the practical reader and the vocabulary of the pupils since 6 year of basic to 3 the year of average education, all applied by a qualitative and increasing education, exactly that in the vacations. 2.4 Discipline It of History and the Professor of History in 2 year B disciplines It of History in 2 year takes care of the curricular matrix of the school where if he evidences as abilities: The instruction of the pupil in its social formation placing it as propeller of history. The identification on the part of the pupil of the historical processes that had made to arrive until the politicosocial picture the one that we find in them beyond the scientific understanding of disciplines in the procedural context of its formation.