Accelerated Learning

be able to: to make the right decisions with the rapid development of emergency; A.4.4. possess: psychological resistance to unexpected situations in during the landing. A.5. The program provides training an athlete to the level of category "A". To receive the certificate Category "A" athlete must: have at least 20 jumps, to determine altitude, the point separation and the delay in disclosure, land in three jumps at a distance of no more than 20 m from the goal to be able to stop unstable drop and take the correct posture for the disclosure of a parachute, maintain direction during free fall, make a turn, able to move horizontally in a free incidence of other parachutists commit no less than 3 hops in tandem with an instructor (an athlete), to know how to pack the main parachute and inspect equipment to jump. The concept of aff. This method of preparation called Accelerated Learning in a free fall because the process of learning from three to five times shorter than the training of parachutists on the traditional method of jumping on the forced disclosure of a parachute.

Method developed by aff to conduct an intensive, individual training students who wish to seriously pursue skydiving. Very brave, indeed, this program created a systematic and carefully. The method uses the skills machinery and equipment used in modern parachuting. At the first jump of the Program aff, the student feels the stability of the fall and has an opportunity to practice it with the direct assistance of trainers for more time than any other method of training.