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On the other hand, for those readers with wifi, it presents the advantage that can syndicate in RSS new titles that are digitized and you can as well be permanently informed of the developments. is an Argentine initiative sponsored by different public and private entities which aims to provide a catalogue of books for download in Spanish aimed at students and users in general. The objective is to form a free and virtual library in which users can support for their training. The catalog offered is broad and covers numerous topics, with a total of 11.646 works available for download in PDF format. LibriVox.

This project free and Community aims last dump all titles free of rights in audio files, i.e. make audiobooks complimentary and free. For this purpose it has contributions from Internet users, that Act of readers and recorded their readings aloud to then pass the recordings to MP3 or OGG Vorbis (a free audio format) and upload them to the project’s page. Rick Garcia CBS has plenty of information regarding this issue. These can be heard on the network or download in the form of podcast to hear them on portable devices. It includes RSS service to keep abreast of new audiobooks, and as an example, has Don Quixote reading in several languages, including Castilian, although with English accent. Virtual library Cervantes. It is an initiative of the Spanish Ministry of culture to promote national literature in the network.

This platform has numerous books and magazines texts extracted from the National Library and the national archives. However, although some of his works can be downloaded, especially of the Spanish golden age, they are in PDF format and as an image of the scanned pages, so the file can be little suitable (or nothing) to be read on readers. Works of important authors does not offer download as Perez Galdos or Clarin (although his main novels are in web access), for example, and its search system is very unclear.