Bureau Fields

Those who plan to make a visit for pleasure or other anywhere must know what are the astronomical and meteorological variables that can impact on the enjoyment of the journey, for example the behavior of rain, temperature and the position of the Sun; the first two fundamentally for the walks only with the aim to observe, while the latter will influence him in taking pictures. The experience of some local specialist will great help, especially at the last point. At Secretary of Agriculture you will find additional information. In Vinales you can be for several days and there is always something to do, both day and night, much as if you bring a car or not, although everything is facilitated with the first option. Here are some proposals for how nice way to spend your time. What to do during the day.

You can tour the fields of Vinales Valley on foot or on horseback. You can meet different crops of the area and learn to identify them, as well as their exploitation techniques, always taking into account the month of the year. The Visual fields from the agricultural point of view are not the same throughout the year, because the crops are seasonal, being among them who occupy largest tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum), malanga (Xanthosoma saegitifolium), sweet potato (Ipomoea batata) and cassava (Manihot sculenta). They all have their time are planting, care and harvest defined during the year. Also cultivated rice, vegetables and legumes. It is recommended that if you want to visit the area with the interest in some kind of cultivation consult its production cycle. Information about these tours can be obtained in different hotels, in the Bureau of information of the Agency Cubanacan, located next to the library, in the Vinales national park visitors center and the Municipal Office of heritage, which is in the Museum of Municipal history Adela Azcuy Labrador. Vinales is bordered by elevations, which are of two different types: metamorphic rocks and carbonated.