CAR Post Increases

Many people have received mail from their private health insurance with the announcement of an increase in contribution from 2012. After the announcement of price increases in the rates for private health insurance, now further contribution increases are known. In the first messages was central and ARAG mainly to the massive increase in post at the insurers. Join the Central contributions therefore on average 12.9 percent, in individual tariffs even price increases of up to 40 percent can be expected. The once Franke & Bornberg now however indicates that the contributions be raised partly considerably even when other insurers such as AXA, the Continentale, or the Alliance. So, increases of between 15 and 20 per cent are not uncommon. Although the extent of the price increases themselves surprised analysts, was to be expected with higher tax cuts. Because individual insurers have miscalculated with the so-called Einsteigertarifen.

This is especially evident at the Central, there are the highest increases in the Finding rates of the ECOLINE model. How do the increases come about? The insurance companies have recruited many new customers in the last few years with the Einsteigertarifen. These tariffs are particularly favourable, but also lower offer. For this reason, the insurance on it have speculated that a large number of new customers in higher fares would change. However, this development has remained off. Additional costs incurred this insurance companies will now be on the customers. In addition, there are a large number of so-called non-payers.

These insured persons pay no insurance contributions for at least three months. Although they can take therefore no regular services, is health insurance in case of emergency nevertheless obliged to pay for the costs of treatment. What can insurance companies? In principle, you can to take the special termination right and switch providers as insured at a post adjustment above. As it is however is usually not possible to transfer the retirement provisions, this way just for older insured is a money-losing proposition. However, there are to change also the possibility in a different tariff at the same provider. While the age provisions remain you. A more accurate comparison you want to replace the provider still is advisable to find a cheap and powerful insurance.