Confusion Among Clerics With Rewriting Texts

Confusion (That story is taken from the web site avatar-100× Monk, who recently received the tonsure, was sent to his father-mentor to help the other monks who painstakingly copied manuscripts of the church. After working as some time, the monk turned his attention to the fact that they do not overwrite the original, but with some copies. They were astonished such a tenor, he decided to clarify something that Pastor: Padre, how? If someone inadvertently allowed to feather up most mistake – it is not possible to fix, because we have nothing to compare! – Understand – said Father Abbot – we take for granted those canons, which were established long before the appearance of our with you and age passed more than a day, but coach did not return from the cave, so, without hesitation, the monk hurried him into the basement, where, in fact, it and found it. Mentor issued inarticulate sounds while hitting his head on the rocks in underground, sitting on the expanded volume of manuscripts. Father's face was covered in blood, hair disheveled, and blood had dried on them, and the sight was not at all insane. -What is that to you? – Cried the bewildered monk. – Why are you so over a …? There- written Celebrate *, barely spoke to one answer – you know, celebrate, but not celibate **! Another little story here – 'The prevalence of fear and a variety of viruses. " * Celebrate – if translated, the word means "Enjoy life." ** Celibate – means sexual abstinence.