Crisis Efficient Advertising

Agency travel hairdryer comes with clear concept at the start of the economic framework conditions are currently not very rosy. Right now, it’s fatal, however, to stick your head in the sand for companies. Sales generate only with attractive customer communication is also in a difficult market environment. These commercials have to be expensive? The Agency Travel Monitor says “no”. The newcomer from Cologne is a concept for efficient advertising at the start.

Advertising and corporate communications have to be complicated and expensive. It often depends on the efficient use of all resources. Example: a company brochure. The range of design options is almost infinite. A company can choose a special format, square paper, rounded corners and a gold foil stamping on the front page.

Each request is but also an additional cost factor. Worth it? No. “A classic DIN A4 brochure, good designs and attractive, likewise leads to the target and protects especially the budget,” explains Ingo Porstmann, Owner of the Agency travel Phon. Good and cheap, it’s usually called this approach. The Agency travel Phon would like to offer their customers efficient advertising in the fields of communication, text and design. At the same time the creative from Cologne specialize very precisely on the aviation, hospitality and travel industries. Behind it hide for example airlines, business jet operators, hotels, travel agencies, tour operators, Conference Centre and destinations. “Our knowledge of the industry helps to realize projects efficiently”, Ingo Porstmann added. Why? Because the travel Phon speaks the language of the contracting authority the Agency and who knows the needs of their customers. A single designer will provide certainly attractive designs. But how long he needed to understand what the clients want to accomplish with their advertising? Here for elaborate coordination meetings every hour, and corrections to invest is an additional burden for the budget. This overhead will the Agency travel Phon in the spirit of the Minimize the concept of efficient advertising. The Agency travel Phon is a network of specialists from all disciplines of corporate communication. Project managers designers and photographers to Web programming all have a common goal: to create efficient advertising in aviation, hospitality and travel industries. The services include communication, text and design. Agency travel Phon Ingo Porstmann Venloer Strasse 251 50823 Cologne Tel: 0221-5105049 E-mail: