An in-depth analysis is not required nor suffer weather plaguing the people of amphibious culture of our country, especially for those who live in the Momposina depression, to understand their claims and its revelation for him means more Pacific, the democratic and participatory! and with just cause to pretend its political and administrative autonomy that will ensure them a better future. The initiative to create a sub-regional governmental entity to organize policy, administrative, economic, social and culturally, a la Momposina depression is a sound proposal by which the territorial rearrangement is a necessary instrument for democracy that allows you to empower marginalized people face their destiny, consolidate their autonomy, legitimacy and development, equitable, productive and sustainable; the economy that revolves around is redistributed to the rentiers that appropriate territorial public resources preventing to arrive to the regions and the population who is his destiny, and is desacumula the concentration of centralized power that keeps drowned any chance of self management of the periphery. Centralization and despotism were born the same day, and with them the misery and the ignorance of crowds 1 the challenge of the current constitutional framework as a social State of law, is to democratize public and relegitimar equity for a coexistence pacifica. La Momposina depression has been shared by two or three departments, and none has been able to manage or plan their development; They have given unfair treatment that has not been able to leave smallholding, its wealth of this diaper and don’t even have shorts, but now is the time to put the long, doing a forward planning with a sustainable and self-sufficient development model, starting from the potentiation of their wealth that allows us to determine which can be use and about that lay the Foundation on how to structure your administrative and economic policy. It is time that this area off of paternalism Central station to which they belong; plan and confront their own development and counteract the inequality is the best I have been able to propose the peoples of this area that only they are seen and remembered when media advertised the floods that suffer, but nobody remembers or view the abandonment, poverty and other factors that influence the poor living conditions in which they are because of lack of attention and policies of regional Governmentsthat never have them equipped with basic infrastructures as the public services, or has established les rules to sort its economy which provide opportunities for a better way of life.