Lord People

Serafin Alarcon there are people there are people and there are people can have any title, you can you’re very beautiful or very slender, can people you Fawn by your social class and all the money you have. Maybe they admire you only by the car that you ostentas or the neighborhood in which you live. It can be very intelligent but… What you better if basically they emptied and soul have nothing to offer to others. Philippians 3: 7-8 but few things were for me gain, I estimated them as loss for the sake of Christ. And certainly, even I think all things as loss for the excellence of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, for the sake of which you’ve lost everything, and have it by garbage, to win Christ… There are people who only thing that thinks is how to make money, how to sell something, how to get some other type of advantage.

And just think: money, money and more money. There are people who only thinks about having power, power and more power… The mall society, culture pub and spans… There are people burning tabs only pa buddies one day you admire the porch. Hostages of the figureo intellectual… There are people, people and more people who walks jukea with porn, game, wine and cheeses. There are hollow, empty, lost and confused people…

People queue any vulgar political tie. There are people that self-esteem is raised when they are told: Licentiate or doctor. An inflated ego can become a weapon of mass destruction. You may think that you have the Pan by the handle there are people who call Christians themselves and also walk the same paths: ministries of prosperity. Psalm 14: 3 all were diverted, one has been corrupted; There is no who does good things, there is not even one.