PS. Fernando Alexis Jimenez came the period of Carnival in the city, with festoons in the streets, raucous sprouting here and there, music women with colourful dresses and smiles of fantasy, too tempting when evening fell and the bustle was greater, and invitations to go dance or maybe a drink. The choice of Jose: go to worship, Bible in hand as he used to do, or accompany a beer with his friends in the Office. A nothing more. Do not abuse it. What’s more: perhaps nobody is enteraria. In his mind the thoughts revolvian because he came to think he didn’t know what to do.

Finally agreed to drink some cold, as I used to call them in the past, and one was joined by another and another. It ended up hopelessly drunk on the sidewalk. Who he was invited to go on a spree, besides ensuring with insults that he had become annoying, pesky and reason of shame, ended up take it to where your wife and leave him to his fate, before the astonished eyes of a spouse who could not believe what he saw. The next day he spoke not with rose and avoided the gaze of their children. He endured the taunts of classmates and harassed by the idea that had committed the worst sin in his life, opted to not return to the Congregation. Three months later, he was the same mundane man always and only reflected the need to return to God, when his wife announced him the disposition of divorce. He reflected on the matter, walking from the factory to your home, but without knowing what to do to get back on the path of the Gospel. Also feared that would say the brethren of the Church. It is possible to recognize the error with often we find Christians who for years held firm in their walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, but fruit of a neglect that going Mediterranean as a tornado up to wipe out all our spiritual lives, depart from the Gospel.