2007. p.11). While it is true that spiritual intelligence is needed to experience life in harmony, in the field of education has one significance much greater, for the reason that the education is the means by which humanity and their societies can improve and evolve your consciousness and education holistic that can achieve this transformation isSince that for education holistic intelligence cannot be separated from universal love, however, in mainstream education no one speaks and much less lives on this fundamental value education; educate in universal love means that at the center of all the types of intelligences should be aware that any ability, aptitude, or acquired competence, This should be used for the good of all beings in this world and the cosmos. As Dr. Gallegos is expressed the true intelligence is awareness of honor life in all its manifestations. Intelligence is the consciousness of preserving and honoring life using the holistic discernment. (Gallegos Nava, r. 2007. p.17) Scientistic education, which largely still is taught in our times, still trying to dominate the world and the external universe and suppresses the formative curriculum the own subjective inner world, which gives it meaning and sense of the human being, the consequences of this omission have taken catastrophic proportions, so have the oil spills, natural phenomena, global warming, the wars, the possitive that guide action of many new generations of human beings, etc., but still there is no consciousness that human nature cannot be controlled you, because still don’t know him really, but in holistic education humanity has a guide that gives light and can turn her gaze towards inside and in that process realizes what is its true nature; It is spiritual, divine the energy that it gives life to everything that exists; in particular I am a determined promoter of holistic education, because it is my hope for humanity to evolve your conscience and understand why man seeks the spiritual: because it is a spirit living a human experience.