Servicetrace Managing Director

Servicetrace solution is easy to implement and requires no training Darmstadt, April 28, 2008 – with the product ExpertTracer for server”the Darmstadt-based software house Servicetrace has developed an easy-to-implement solution for monitoring of server resources. Thus, the user can ensure that no shortages arise in IT support of business processes. The existing hardware at additional requirements as ExpertTracer is used for server”the analysis, what resources can provide. The solution is one of the ServiceTracer architecture, which also includes modules for network monitoring, an end-to-end robots for the application monitoring at the client level and a central management unit. In addition, it contains a component for the monitoring specifically for SAP applications. The core concern of the Servicetrace platform is efficient and cost-saving real time analysis of the availability and quality of infrastructure systems. What performance they offer at the point of creation, is often fairly precisely observed. But how fast and available the core applications when the users arrive, but mostly ausser eight is allowed”, founded the Servicetrace Managing Director of Markus Jatin the solution concept.

While this is the ultimate measure, because it describes the level of support of business processes”, he says. The platform is therefore designed to analyze the different performance levels between central systems and the user clients. Representation of all critical performance factors to is one of the new module ExpertTracer for server”. This software analyzes agentenlos Windows -, UNIX – and Linux systems in terms of CPU and memory utilization, workload, availability, network card load and number of users logged-on. The typical areas of application include the server monitoring in real time, watching service levels, an update of configuration databases as well as the monitoring of server capacity. The Server monitoring is to the rapid appearance of decision-relevant information centrally through the SNMP protocol. By means of a scanning additional server systems can be integrated minutes in the monitoring, so that a significantly expanded using only a low administration overhead. Use the simple user guide ExpertTracer for server can be”even without special training.

About Servicetrace Servicetrace integrated monitoring solutions developed for determining the performance of key applications. The ServiceTracer platform provides the decision-relevant information for the management and other stakeholders in the company in the form of reports and alerts. The implementation and administration of architecture produces only a small amount. It is also appropriately scalable. Companies such as Lufthansa AirPlus among the customers of ServiceTrace, Norvatis Pharma, Sparkassen Informatik, T-systems, etc.