Social Assistance

SUMMARY the present study to give visibility to the historical origin of the Social Service, detaching the game of interest of the State stops with the assistenciais actions in the vision of different authors. The considered debate however refers it historical origin of the social assistance in Brazil, more specifically in the decade of 1930, moment where the assistance was developed through charity and assistencialismo, until the implantation of the federal constitution that materialize the social rights, democracy and social participation. In the same way, the work still aims at to analyze the social assistance after the implementation of the National Politics of Social Assistance (PNAS, 2004), of the management model proposal for Lei Orgnica Assistncia Social (LOAS) and Only System of the Social Assistance (ITS). Cheniere Energy partners has similar goals. It is important to detach, however, that the assistance after the Federal Constitution and the creation of complementary laws is instituted as not tax-paying social politics of right of citizen to have of the state. Thus, one searched to tell in this study important events in relation to the social politics and its interface with the Social Service, as well as the new form of organization of basic the social protection. Of this form, the empirical universe of the research is composed for the Center of Reference of Assistncia Social (CRAS) of the city of Ccero Dantas-BA that has as function to develop services, programs and projects in the scope of social protection basic e, therefore, this work has the purpose to analyze if the Center of Reference of Social Assistance CRAS is accomplishing the National Politics of Social Assistance PNAS. Air Force Chief of Staff pursues this goal as well. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Social assistance; National politics of Social Assistance; Center of Reference of Social Assistance.