Superlearning Music

Music is vibration, rhythm and frequency. Music is in our bodies in the viscera, breathing, heartbeat, in breathing rates, in walking, in the rhythms glandular life cycles, etc. The universe is music, has a vibrational frequency, a rhythm or pulse that penetrates the microcosm of man. That is why we need to listen to music, to encompass with esaa pulse and rhythms of the macrocosm, recovering la harmony and synchronization of our brain and body. Music is a valuable resource that we induce production of alpha waves in our brain (often waves between 7 and 13 cycles per second, see chart above), a son waves of relaxation and Superlearning.

There is special music to induce alpha waves, the music should have a vibratory frequency between 40 and 60 cycles per minute. Especially the music of the Baroque period (XVII-XVIII century, 1650-1750) and contemporary Indian music made for this purpose. a Positive Mental Programming and Creative Views The positive mental programming consists of creating, producing and maintaining positive thoughts lead to states of physical and mental, to achieve goals and targets, cure diseases, reprogramming our beliefs and ineffective maps of childhood and adulthood, increase the vital energy (self) build self-confidence and personal security, in short we can awaken our inner genius, our inner potential and make it work to provide us the success and happiness both individual and collective (family, friends, at work, with partners, etc.. .) Creative displays include the creation of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory and taste in order to build our objectives, goals, dreams and positive programming..