The Directions

Many things that if can be we learn in the school are forgotten with the time, therefore we do not practise it the routine reading, such knowledge if they had fixed not to be forgotten later. You doubt in them that we have when writing we could catch as I inhabit to read, perhaps nor we had, therefore the reading becomes our ampler and diversified knowledge. During the reading we discover a new, full world of unknown things. The habit to read must be stimulated in infancy, so that the individual learns since small that to read something is important and pleasant, as well as certainty it will be adult, dynamic and perspicacious. The reading must be a magnet that can arrest the reader, in a love relation in which it in turn, that he desires to unfasten, before everything, is to discover and to expand horizontes, to put to only read as one you decipher of the directions of the signs seems automatism. MOTIVATING the CHILD TO READ To travel for the reading without route without intention. To only live the adventure it is to have books in the hands.

It is a penalty that who only knows of this who likes to read. It tries! Thus without commitment, you to understand it goes me. It dives of head in the imagination! The reading of all the good books is a conservation with the most honest people of the last centuries. The reading is an inexhaustible source of pleasure, but for more incredible than it seems, almost the totality, does not feel this headquarters. You educate the children, so that it is not necessary to punish the adults. It has written books to prevent empty spaces in the bookshelf. Our desires are as small children: the more we yield to them, more demanding if they become. I make with my friends what I make with my books.