The First Rapper Of Afghanistan Beyond Fear Sings

I have received more than ten telephone threats from strangers telling me that either I can sing and Act, or I secuestraran and they will yield acidic, counts Firoz in Kabul. We live in a country full of insecurity, war, Taliban, lack of rights of women, forced marriages or children, honor killings there are so many problems that I don’t know where to start, it continues. This rap singer remembers well the years he spent as a refugee with his family, first in Iran and later in Pakistan, and that the issue of displaced persons, is precisely the central theme of his first hit, Hamsaya has (our neighbors, in dari). What happened in Iran and Pakistan, half of us ended up addicted to the drug and the other half became terrorist, RAPS Firoz, who says having wanted to launch the message that Afghans should not again be an armed conflict. Susan had just one year when he fled with his family to Iran, where they spent eight years until, tired of suffering a hard treatment by the police and the Government, decided to go to the camps of Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

We were outside our country fifteen years due to the civil war and later the Government of Taliban extremists, says Susan, he has also acted in plays and local films. Although it covers hair with a handkerchief, Firoz wears t-shirt and jeans, unlike many Afghan who continue resorting to the burqa and other more conservative clothes, despite the years that have passed since the fall of the taliban regime. The return of the vocalists during his Government (1996-2001), the Taliban banned Western music and favored the religious songs, in addition to reducing the role of women in society to the tasks domestic, to the extent of banning female education.