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A question that I urge to you to reflect and that does not seem to me that it has been reflected in your exercises (either discusses in the module) is the idea that the notion of individual or person entails a premise of sort (sexuality) and race that can widely be criticized. That is to say, since you have been able to read in the module, the individualism arises in espeficas circustancias in the western world, and the individual idea that assumes is the one of the white man. That is to say, the women were not seen either like people able to have autonomy or freedom of decision, either the black, because they were enslaved. Therefore, when we analyzed symbolic apparatus that promotes that notion of individual, would be necessary to see how she contradicts herself with a society that now is much more egalitarian in terms of the women, or much more racial a diverse society and ethnically that before. Another aspect that seems valuable to me to reflect and that Llobera mentions in text, is the one of the Privacy (page 12 of unit) and the importance of the private sphere (H. Arendt). In many cases for this exercise you have chosen announcements or films that we see in the television, and that is an act very individualized, fomented by the idea of familiar cells and the priority of the sphere deprived against the public one. That is to say, they have been thought to be consumed about private or family, in the intimate sphere. That she would happen if people nontuvieramos TV in house and fueramos always to the bar or the library or a public room to watch the TV? Creeis that the message would be the same? How we would react before a pudieramos announcement or a film if to chat and to comment with a community? Original author and source of the article.