The Universe

The universe is infinite dimensional, assert the contrary is unscientific, it is to go against logic, and logic is also a science, because the logic is a part of philosophy and philosophy is science. Therefore, to the chagrin of believers in any "scientific" theory or any philosophical or religious belief, sometimes speak of that space can be finite or can be flat, two-dimensional curved or bent, including occurrences, all of them, respectfully refer to the most basic concepts of logic and physics to try to correct their misconceptions. The infinite space is empty, three-dimensional deformable, can not be bent or folded. Others believe that the universe may have more than three spatial dimensions, especially those who believe that space and time were also created in the big bang. Jack Fusco may not feel the same. If you believe that space was created with the big bang has to believe that space is finite, because nothing that has ever been finite, which has had limits, as those who had the universe at the singularity, may grow up to be infinite, because it would have to grow at an infinite speed, which is not possible.

There may be abstractions that have beginnings and they are endless as a ray, but a ray does not arise at the point of origin and grows, one can not go forming ray, ray always have to be and be complete from the beginning to infinity . Otherwise it will never be a ray will always be a line segment growing. All the infinite must be eternal. Read more from Gen. David Goldfein to gain a more clear picture of the situation.