Accra Ghana, A Popular Tourist Spot

Accra is one of the richest and most contemporary cities on the African continent. Populous city is the capital of Ghana and is home to Kotoka International Airport. Over the years this airport is still busy as many planes take off and land at the airport. While all around the world come to visit this place, Accra is linked mainly North America and Europe. Thus, most of the time, the majestic beaches of this tourist destination are considered attractive to packed with Europeans and Americans. If you can plan properly, can certainly expect to have an amazing tour city of Accra. After reaching this place, you can rent a car that will undoubtedly soft and comfortable transportation. Accra Ghana Usually these hotels offer car rental services.

Therefore, it is necessary to find some difficulty to take advantage of these services. However, before hiring a car, make sure the driver of your car is a good guide. Otherwise, you can lose to view some of the most wonderful tourist sites and, therefore, his tours of Ghana may remain incomplete. Taxis are another means of transport in Accra Ghana. Some of these taxis are not measures.

In that case you have to negotiate the fee with the driver before starting your journey, but most of the time becomes a bit expensive. Another form of transportation is shared taxi. These taxis follow a fixed route and fixed rate. Besides all these, the third option is ORT ORT. Basically these vans, which serve as the public transport system of the city. Some of the main points that really worth appreciation are the following: The Makola Market is a shopping district, where one can find everything from clothing to shoes, electronic parts luxury items. The most interesting part of this market is that here the majority of traders are women. The National Museum of their collections include a wide variety of textiles, ceramics and fine arts. Here visitors will also come through a number of Zulu wooden statues, carvings from the Congo and the bronze heads of Nigeria. The beaches are quite spectacular beaches in Ghana. To enter some of these beaches, tourists have to pay entry fees. Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum is a memorial park dedicated to the first President of Ghana. If you are interested to see all these ads appealing, select a choice of accommodation from a wide range of hotels in Accra Ghana. Some of the hotels, which offer excellent boarding and lodging facilities are as follows: the Badi Beach Hotel Golden Tulip Hotel La Palm Hotel Highgate Hotel African Regent Hotel for more information about these hotels, you can contact the travel agencies that provide tourism services in Ghana for a long time. Apart from hotels, there are a number of restaurants in Accra.