Didactic Tool Methodology

Initially, will be boarded the description so that if it can inside understand the sociocultural context of this martial art of the context fights, after that searchs to carry through inquiry in five colleges of the public net of Itabuna? Bahia if the content of the research is applied in the lessons of physical education, recognizing the fight of the Karat as metodolgica didactic tool in the lessons of physical education. In this research a methodology searched investigativa, also adding the descriptive methodology, being based on the revision of literature and also on the research of field, carrying through informal interview with closed questionnaire with professors of physical education and coordinators concerning the searched subject. 9 VIEIRA, Jackson, Saints. Karate the Didactic Tool Methodology in Physical Education classrooms of elementary school II End of Course Work – Course of Physical Education, Bahia-Ibicara: Faculty Montenegro, 2010.p. 41 ABSTRACT Based on the National Curriculum – PCNs, the minimum curriculum will be Physical Education includes gymnastics, wrestling, dancing and sport. Although, it is to clear that physical education from decades ago is designed you allow functional pleasure, based on the basic movement.

It should enable the student you the multiple possibilities of motion, extending his world available. Starting from this premise, this work has the objective of verifying the fight karate fights part of the content classrooms of elementary school physical education in public II Itabuna – Bahia and apply the karate fight in public school. That we can understand the only sociocultural Initially, we will address the history context of martial arts within the context of struggles, then we seek you conduct research in five schools of public Itabuna – physical Bahia is the content of the research is applied in education classrooms, recognizing the struggle of teaching karate physical the methodological a tool in education classrooms. In this research we sought research methodology, including also the descriptive analysis, based on literature review and also in field research, conducting informal interviews with closed questionnaire with physical education teachers and coordinators on the topic searched.