The Rotunda

If it were not annoying ads and colorful signage of shopping centers, one would imagine that the court of age, that way, 19, and you together with all the leisurely stroll anywhere along Nevsky Prospekt, or, at worst, the Arbat. The Rotunda, located in the square near the monument to Lenin (what a town without him?) Only reinforces this impression. Here There is a small but charming fountain in the form of turquoise tree with singing birds. I got the impression that the street is the center of cultural life in Orenburg – Library named after Krupskaya, Pedagogical University, School of advanced study of mathematics, Medical Academy, College of Education – this is not a complete list of buildings met by me, which by themselves are very attractive. I, for example, struck by the amazing beauty of lace balcony above the entrance to the library. On the streets of the Soviet clearly visible six-meter bronze statue of Valery Chkalov, established in November 1953 on a high bank of the Urals.

They say that the author of the monument, sculptor IA Mendelevich, cast it to set up in Moscow, but Stalin, puffing at his pipe, he said, verbatim: "I am personally acquainted with fellow Chkalov, so here – it's not him." The fate of the monument has been resolved, and he went to Orenburg, which from 1938 to 1957 was called Chkalov. To the left of the monument on the waterfront, is a medieval castle with tower rack. The building once housed the archive, treasury and guardhouse, and now a museum of the history of Orenburg.