Director Thomas Karsch

In his entertaining speech he explained the new appearance of the brand Sofitel, which now stands for refined luxury with French charm. Therefore one should not be surprised, that Sofitel employees now with “Bonjour”greet. Patron of the event was the Bavarian State Government, which was represented by the Minister of State for science, research and art, Dr. Thomas Goppel, once more. He emphasized the importance of the meeting location Germany. In 2007, the number of events to six percent had increased to 2.8 million. Still more clearly the number of participants took to namely to eight percent. Bavaria is well positioned with around 600 Conference Hotels and 250 conference centres for the growing market of the meeting.

Goppel praised in this regard the commitment of leisure publishing, with the leader selected conference hotels to feel 13 years significantly to improve the quality of service in the range contributes. Marriage of the well-known TV moderator Werner Schulze Edwards led to the award ceremony, he pointed out some innovations of the 13th edition of the book. The most obvious change involves the processing: the bulky hardcover now became a handy soft-cover version. This desire came from our readers who often take the book on their trips and events, explains project manager Jacqueline Schaffrath. The print quality of the entries could be improved also visible through a new technique.

228 hotels include 2008/2009 in the issue as many like never before. The enormous interest of the range, to qualify for inclusion in our guide shows it is unequivocal that the industry is trying very to their service quality “, says the Deputy publishing Director Thomas Karsch. Exactly 369 candidates have gone through multi-stage selection process this year. 141 candidates could not meet the strict criteria of good feeling and were therefore rejected. The winner of the category A category of small conference hotels (less than 100 rooms) provided the sensation of the evening: the meeting Villa of Rheinfels traded as a top favorite could not defend their pole position from last year and this time had to make do with rank 3. That cross the Rhine at St. Goar, domicile is high since 1997 a selected conference hotel to feel good “and always see the best. Owner Gerd RIPP it took athletic and could still enjoy about this excellent result. Significantly greater joy in family Mintrop, was to but also for many years the “selected”. With their Essen farms of Mintrops land hotel (1st place) and Mintrops city hotel (2nd) moved them before on the two first places in the category. The surprise was written in the face of Maria Mintrop and her daughter Maria Carolina literally, because they had not expected such success. the country finished Hotel 2nd place in 2007, the city hotel rank 5 for the first time in the book and immediately see the placed came the traditional Hotel elephant Weimar (# 9) and the Landhotel Adler in the Bavarian Martinszell (place 15) and Nell’s Park Hotel in Trier (rank 17).