Fernando Alonso

If this change will cause a salutary lesson, Alonso believes that they do not happen immediately: immediate shake-ups do not exist, working 24 hours a day to have the best car possible for aerodynamic improvements race after race and changing the director technician does not believe there is any revolution, is a bit to try to give a change of direction to what came to be a negative trend, both last year like this with the competitiveness of the car. We are not thinking in the world despite the disadvantage that now has in the world, believes that he must continue the fight. After five racing none in Ferrari can think stop fighting for the Heavyweight Championship of the world, by history, so it represents Ferrari, by the colors that we have dnder until December, never loosen until there is a huge difference or are mathematically out. An obligation is for us to think in the Championship. Tyres said: in theory Monaco is a circuit that is not very demanding, perhaps rear a little bit, but here we have to take care of them and if salts in traffic by many new tires to take is impossible to anticipate, therefore better be in the track the more time better and avoid any type of traffic. A stop would be ideal and two stops It would be also good. Finally on a possible Pact between the pilots not to use the mobile rear spoiler, Fernando Alonso does not believe that there is agreement. I don’t think us agree to one thing that gives you a tenths per lap, always we will try all pick it up and then in addition each team tells us what we need to do, among us there are little kind of power in these decisions. Source of the news: Fernando Alonso: “I would like to finish on the podium in Monaco, is a special circuit”