The school must provide an environment favorable to the experience to know and flavors, contributing for the construction of a healthful relation of educating with the food. It is considered of great importance that educating, already in the Infantile Education, understands and assimilates the transformations that occur in the environment where it lives and that it can contribute in the conservation of the nature and its health, by means of a healthful and nutritional feeding. Word-key: Feeding; School; Health; Life; Culture; Quality. 1 INTRODUCTION This work intends to mostar as the school it can contribute stops the formation of good alimentary habits in its pupils, therefore the school practically occupies one tero of the active life of the pupil. 2 HEALTHFUL PERTAINING TO SCHOOL FEEDING the Pertaining to school Feeding requires conscience and responsibility and to take care of to these basic requirements the school must supply an feeding adjusted under the nutricional, hygienical and sanitary point of view. The secret of the good feeding is in the variety of foods and the combination between them. From the six months of life, with the food introduction new, the child starts to form its alimentary habits and learns to eat some types of foods.

The ideal is that the child makes six daily meals. The snack of the school this between these meals. We know that the children like salgadinhos, cooling, stuffed biscuits etc., however, they are very far to represent a healthful feeding and between a snack another one the child can be giving to a step route healthful Feeding is feeding of course colored.