Highly Efficient Heating Mats

There is a completely new kind of super flat floor heating mats, which are certainly worth a look on the German market recently. Here a brief technical summary: since there is no crystalline, amorphous ribbons have higher electrical resistance than crystalline body of the same composition. Along with the physical shape of the belt, which has a low ratio of mass to the surface, the band very well as a heating element is suitable. Why? The explanation is very simple: the energy transfer from a heating element is proportional to its surface and the temperature difference between heating and the environment. The greater the surface, the required temperature difference is lower, to transfer energy from the heating element to its surroundings. Because the surface of the belt is relatively large (compared to the surface of a conventional cable, as it is used in many heating systems), it is able to emit the heat at low temperatures efficiently to its environment. Means in a private household a lower temperature a healthier atmosphere, and more reliability and security. How efficient are the heating mats, wood or carpeted floors? As Ellara consist of heating mats thin amorphous bands (exclusively in the distribution of Quintex GmbH) ultra – 25 microns – the heat is not absorbed by the metal. She can be transferred directly to the floor area and the temperature of the bands remains with 28-30 “(C) relatively low. This property is crucial under wood and carpeting, which can easily be damaged by higher temperatures. GF technique of Quintex GmbH Gibsert Sahib