ISO Management

GUTcert took their successful Guide to build of an Energiemanagmentsystems already in October 2006 the GUTcert launched their successful guide, with an energy management system can be rebuilt in a few logical steps. The Federal Office for Economics and export control (BAFA) use this guide as a basis for his notes for the special compensation scheme for energy-intensive companies in accordance with 40 et seq. (EEG 2009), mainly used in the first phase of verification according to the EEG. In the summer of 2009 joined also the DIN EN 16001:2009 (energy management systems requirements with instructions to the application) into force. “It though does not include significant new requirements, should but as stand alone” management system be usable and in the scheme strictly to the environmental management system according to ISO 14001 leans. Were so in the guide some system-specific additional requirements, such as for example the definition of an energy policy, to complement compliance with used, training of staff, or to communicate. The GUTcert took these developments as an opportunity, their guide a lift”to undergo, and to publish it in a second edition. In structure, it follows establishing practical experience gathered in recent years.

The revised version of the guidance thus ensures both a systematic introduction of DIN EN 16001:2009 and at the same time full compliance with the requirements of the ACFA Factsheet to the article 41 EEG 2009. You not aims to prepare an organization necessarily on the implementation of and compliance with the standard. The recast will help instead (including SMEs) to be aware of the use of energy and therefore more geared to the real life of the companies / organizations. Gradually the users of the guide will be guided through three levels: situation analysis, to identify potential for first and use procedures introduce and adapt existing processes or integrate them, (if necessary) and engaged in a systematic and continuous process of improvement. Depending on the purpose of the undertaking, -size, concern or goal can be hold made on each level and lingers or climbed the next level. The guide can be obtained immediately through GUTcert.