Homer Simpson

You will see piercing for the most unbelievable sides of your anatomy. That same as in chiquito ripped from its bowels. That will force it to be questioned: does this is my son/daughter?. This-I know him or don’t know him?. I brought this up? I with this in the street, no salgo ni loca. To say at the end, is my son, eight quart and one out like red fire.

And convincing that all issues that inquire about their offspring, will not be more than rhetorical manifestations that nobody, absolutely nobody, far less the walls that usually listen to the rezongos one, because of her husband, boyfriend, or lover, directly forget expecting something that looks like an answer. They are always busy on something else. I tell already. When one stopped being the AMCHUD female version of Homer Simpson, feeling, not March, but one Homera either. And it intends to relax, also start to get used to the idea of erase it from memory. Because to him or her, they will go to dance. And they will return to the time of that will sing the Reverend WINS. It can be pulled until noon and again with a face of starved camel in permanent hunger strike.

And can to try snack when you are convinced, he or she, than gram plus you have your waist is strictly necessary to survive and is not that this obese, as they believe. SBI does not even attempt to convince him to any minimum thing because what they say will be fine, when EA does not say so That, among details, is that bore him, after all. Be prepared to listen to creative new insults. Several confessions. And be careful sitting, before that they susurren to ear, MOM are going to be a grandmother. Be taken by happy and warned and celebrate, if at least that fact occurs in adulthood and especially then. Finally, equal, I already think to that height we must prepare ourselves to be grandmothers. Total of mothers, already we will have received us. Brunette urbana_67 continue brunette urbana_67 original author and source of the article.