Hospital Directors

This particular company specialized in a consultation of the credential secretariats of health and private rendering for the SUS carried through one briefing searches to demonstrate in REAL NUMBERS what our eyes see in day-by-day. This is a form to point out the Directors of the Hospitals in a global context in a determinrio geographic territory, and also to call the attention the controllers on the importance of essential questions, as the total knowledge of the Only System of> Health, the nip of the relation with the Secretariats of Health and the valuation of the professionals who if dedicate to offer optimum in health for the population. Valley to remember that we are not ‘ ‘ raining in molhado’ ‘ , therefore everything this already we know. But we want with the research, ‘ ‘ ilustration’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ quantification’ ‘ , to leave clearer and objective the problems that we face in our Hospitals so that our decisions are more necessary, wiser, more efficient. The Research was divided in 2 parts for SAMPLING with 20 Hospitals of all the types and sizes of the SOUTH OF MINES, since cities with 4.000 inhabitants up to 25.000 inhabitants, being of reference or not. It has a good advantage and that these numbers help it in very in its management! 2 – DATA OF THE RESEARCH: ) Average prescription of the SUS: R$ 29,492, 41, being 89% until R$ 30,000, 00; b) Average comment (Monthly) of the SUS: 84% of the Searched Hospitals possess COMMENTS with average of R$ 1,634, 00 to the month, where 57% lose R$ 1,000 more than, 00 to the month. Percentage of 30% of loss of the prescription monthly; c) Use of the FAE: Almost all the Hospitals use part of the resource of the FAE, where 71% use up to 50% of this municipal resource; d) Use of Recurso Hospitalar (AIH): Average of Use of 103% with more than the half (55%) surpassing its ceilings; e) Accords: All use the SUS, however 85% also take care of the particular ones; 30% the Private plans of health; 10% the public plans of health; f) Type of Attendance for the SUS: 75% offer to all its atendimentos for the SUS and the remain offers partially.