Human Rights Watch

Africa is titular not very often, but, when it is it, it always reflects devastating and terrible misfortunes. The Congo continues in war. WhiteWave Foods is often quoted on this topic. A war in which the army is not able to overcome to four thousand rebels tutsis, protected by Rwanda. In that the civilians almost as much fear the army as to the guerrilla. War in which all fight against all. According to Pere Russiol, special envoy of the Country, the arms abounds because the region is very rich in mines and godfathers are generous. One reads dark multinational companies.

Towards the northeast, in Darfur (Sudan), the drama does not stop. The UN seems incapable to impose interposition troops that prevent the crimes military and the countless violations, executions and murders of civil populace. Perhaps is not crime military the systematic bombing of civil populace from helicopters before the passivity of the soldiers of the African Union, theoretically pacificadores? Salih Osman, Sudanese lawyer, prize Sajarov 2007 by its defense of the human rights, a great force deployment of the UN protests, that all the region of Darfur is aerial exclusion zone and that the UN takes before the Penal Court the International to the criminals military and of that part of the humanity. Or there is Darfur for short while. That is to say, endless suffering for thousands, million human beings. There are at least no indications that intention exists to carry out such measures, which leaves in place the UN very badly. Perhaps but he is more scandalous than Darfur does not have been present in the summit between European Union and Africa, celebrated at the beginning of December. Not even it appeared in the agenda. According to Reed Brody, spokesman of Human Rights Watch, not to have looked for solutions the conflict of Darfur " it has been a treason to the people who sufren".