The Director

When they had kept silent, the director took> asked. – I beat in this idiot. I answered with force in the voice. Without brain it held a stock market of ice to the nose, that still bleed, saying, with difficulty, that I beat without reasons. I did not contradict it. Already importing it noestava me with nothing. I was suspended per one day while they nosofreram no punishment.

It left me to the director to be in the school during that day. I went to use to advantage to make everything what the habit change suggests. The notice of the fight already if had spread for the entire school. Until minhame already it is knowing. My cellular one touched.

I took care of with the calm voice, therefore noconhecia the number. It wants to say, was the same number that had called me, given um’ ‘ al’ ‘ off e. As it could not attend lesson, I was in the patio, waiting to give the hour to deir even so. My colleagues had arrived. All spoke high on the fight. With them, the girl of the purple coat arrived. While all spoke, I and it in the olhvamoscalados ones. When all had kept silent, it said a thing that never would wait ouvirde somebody as> all seassustaram. I needed a time to digest all that situation. He was nervosopor inside. For it are, inabalvel mantia me. Still hearing of the girl for quemtinha certain affection that I was certain. That still gave more gas to me to paracontinuar a revolution in me. All had left to the touch of the signal. I and it had been only. I looked at half comvergonha, but I did not leave of aims it us eyes. – It is, I I go pra lesson. said. – Its lesson Is said with the biggest certainty