Lake Balaton

Budapest is a city rich in culture, art and customs, which was named seaside resort thanks to the huge amount of thermal waters which it enjoys. But this has much more to offer, as for example its delicious cuisine, unique flavors and recipes. The Hungarian cuisine has been influenced by reminiscences of many other towns throughout its history. Thus, Austrian, French or Italian touches are perceived in it. This is equipped with a multitude of flavors and spicy aromas with paprika, the most widely used ingredient. Their favorite dishes include soups, stews, fish and meats. Although the recipe star is the goulash. Hungary restaurants could be classified in two ways: on the one hand are the vendeglo, which are more traditional restaurants where you can taste the best typical homemade food of the place; on the other hand, are the premises of design, where design and more refined food mix in delicious dishes.

Among the dishes most common of Budapest will never miss, especially the game meat prepared grilled, roasted or grilled. Your favourite recipes are: the csirkepaprikas, the paprika chicken; Porkolt, a varied meat stew; the broth of beef with marrow; the roston, roast beef grilled and salami or teliszalami, which is one of the most famous typical products internationally from country. Even so, the goulash (thick soup made with small plugs of flesh, accompanied by potatoes and cream csipetke) remains the star dish both inside and outside its borders. Another very consumed soup is ujhazi tyukhusleves, served with chicken, peas, mushrooms, carrots and pasta. Those who prefer fish are also lucky. The fish soup Halaszle (fish, onion and paprika) is a delight.

In addition, eat much freshwater as the barbel, the Pike or trout fish. The fish peppers or halpaprikas are also very famous (soups with three kinds of fish, onion and paprika). A very popular cooking ingredient is tejfol, a kind of cheese that intensifies the flavors. Main dishes are usually accompanied by homemade pasta, rice or tarhonya (roasted meatballs in flour and egg). Vegetables and salads are also very frequent. The pastry is a specialty of the country. Typical desserts are turos csusza, one sweet and hot pasta with cottage cheese; Crepes them; palacsinta, a tortilla stuffed with nuts, grapes, and washed lemon chocolate; and the Somlo, a sponge cake with cream and rum. The wines from Hungary are very famous. For example of Tokaj, the wines of the region of Lake Balaton, the Villany-Siklos region and Eger. Discover why the food of Hungary is one of the most delicious of Europe. Rent apartments in Budapest and get a gastronomic route by its best restaurants.