I am P. of the life Exactly with the place that more taste to be in this porra of city: the library. Assiduamente, I am a library rat. All week I there am. I only paid to fine a time and now I will go to have that to pay of new! Everything for guilt of the disinformation. Yesterday the afternoon I was there and I came across myself with closed it. All good.

They had said me that it only is open up to one hour. Today I there was. Tava with all the face to be open alone that did not have nobody. All the opened less door. Second time that I will go to pay fine for other people’s guilt. They had not informed to me! They had not said nothing to me The library is very far from my house. I only go because of books But now I am with a book empacado in my bookshelf and a conscience weighed for depriving other people of the reading of this book It distressing is me They will be twenty cents that will go to spot my fiche in the library