Link Information

It should be restrained, laconic and unambiguously reflect the nature of the business. A good choice is the black and white photo. Mistake number 4. Missing or not filled with personal information in your profile. The error of the same nature as with photos.

Faceless interlocutor does not cause a response. It is difficult or impossible to imagine a real person, and, therefore, to establish a productive dialogue with them. Do not be lazy to provide detailed information. In this case, "information" does not mean detailed memoir of his tragic fate. It is important to reflect only what relates to the overarching objective and set up your business to potential buyers way. At the same time submit the necessary information needed is in the business, "selling" way.

Phone, icq, skype and any other ways to communicate with you – without fail. If your cell or your account QIP'a changes to your advantage quickly and make changes to the profile, too. Mistake number 5. There is no reference to the target site or product page. Clickable Links – one of the most powerful means of promoting products online. Instant reaction to the proposal – one click, and the user is already there where you wanted it to lead. If you need to do more than 3 actions, then ninety percent of the users, lazy and constant updating of information overload, simply switch to something more. Therefore, references (clickable and necessarily – their performance should be checked regularly) should be placed on your profile is mandatory.