Soundproof Materials

Plates are covered with paint or a porous film. The sound absorption of acoustic, semi-rigid material in the mid range of 0.65-0.75. In this group also includes sound absorbing plate of porous plastic, having a cellular structure (foam, polystyrene foam, etc.). Solid acoustic materials made of fibrous structure in the form of plates on Suspension-based granular or colloidal mineral wool and binder. The surface of the plate is painted and has a different texture. Secretary of Agriculture is open to suggestions. Bulk density 300-400 kg/m3, sound absorption in the mid range of 0.6-0.7.

A variety of solid acoustic material – plates and plasters, which include porous fillers and white or colored cement. Also apply sound-absorbing panels in which the wood Wool is associated with cement mortar (the so-called. fiberboard acoustic). The choice of material depends on the acoustic mode, destination and the architectural features of the room. Acoustic materials company, offers a unique materials for soundproofing the premises such as: Shumanet, Shumostom, Zips, Vibroizoteks. Nizhny Novgorod, Kirov, in Chuvashia (Cheboksary), Nizhny Novgorod and Kirov region.