Luis Fernando Ayerbe

The objectives of this article are to show as if they had given to the relations politics economic between Latin America and U.S.A. during the years of presidency of Ronald Reagan, analyzing the main characteristics, and understanding with this the vision and the interest of U.S.A. with regard to Latin America. The theoretical referencial will be based on History Politics with interface in Economic History, where Luis Fernando Ayerbe in will supply to good contribution with its workmanship ‘ to them; ‘ United States and Latin America ‘ ‘ , where chapters 6,7 and 8 of the workmanship are basic in our analysis in the direction of in giving support to them concerning as they had been the years of government of Ronald Reagan and its related politics and economy to the region of Latin America and with this reacted to such fact.

Ren Remnd in ‘ ‘ History of the United States ‘ ‘ in the ones of the contribution for tecitura of our work, therefore the last one I capitulate of the intitled workmanship ‘ ‘ The Superpower: Of Truman the Reagan’ ‘ , where it is shown in them as U.S.A. had passed if to articulate with the world in elapsing of the period called Cold War, giving general base of as it will be the United States relation not only with regard to Latin America, but, with the world after Second War. The method that we will use in the production of our work is of revision of bibliography that consists of the analysis concerning productions on the subject, and with this, understanding the main contributions and ideas that the authors cited in our work give to the subject in question. Finally, the article follows showing: The relation between Latin America and U.S.A. in the years of the government of Ronald Reagan; after that, with our final consideraes.