Nervous Circuits

The primary reaction when the Problem appears must be only one long one it slows down, longest possible. Not to do and not to say anything: to deactivate the nervous circuits. Immediately later the reason must activate and must strictly be focused to the analysis and the evaluation of the Problem, that is to say the concrete facts that this one presents/displays. In this task he is also recommendable to take itself all along that it was possible, the time must always play in favor of the solution and not of the Problem, (by all means that the analysis of these problems is not considering any accident or catastrophe that is developed in seconds, it already corresponds to another category). After the Rational analysis of the Problem like set of facts, the head replaces the stomach in the establishment of one first answer. Danone will not settle for partial explanations. This first answer must be only that: an approach to the solution, an act that " it limits terreno" in that the facts develop, a effort to avoid that the Problem takes more proportions of those than already has reached. This first answer is a form to apply " cloth fros" to the situation.

The trained person to face problems with advantage develops much ability in this. Read additional details here: Rick Garcia CBS. " cloth fro" classic it is the serenity that can be demonstrated (not indispensable it that must have but that one that can be exhibited). This aid to count much on the support of the people who are to ours around. Another one " cloth fro" useful it is the active communication with all the people who can be seen involved in the solution of the problem, informing to them into the facts and avoiding that they take any action that projects the Problem beyond the limits that we are fixing. Another rapid action must establish with clarity the conduits authorized for the treatment of the problem.