For tours underground most appropriate to form groups of 7 – 10 people and carry out demonstration, accompanied by two guides. Itineraries for groups to make diverse, and follow the path cleared of stones and do no less than 1.5 meters. Conductors and tour guides can be chosen from among the best prepared tourists cavers. The calculation shows that such trips will be profitable. – Another area of Guryevsky quarries may be weekend trips to overnight stay at base camp. This event is much larger in scale and cost, requires more extensive training. The standard sightseeing program is added to visit the most remote areas quarries, separate walk in limited ranges, orientation on the map.

The presence of the flooded catacombs makes possible the organization of work in diving suits and the passage of the flooded "Exotic corners" of the maze. Certainly holding hikes of the day requires a special bivouac gear. This sleeping bags, mats, gas burners, etc. This problem, at first, we can solve for by speleosektsy, hiking clubs and social organizations, and at regular events through deductions from earnings. Instructors for such activities should be increased to ensure that living conditions, getting to and dropping equipment, safety, etc. – The third and most serious area of Guryevsky quarries may be sporting tours.

Now work is underway on categorization speleomarshrutov. Ends with the final survey of the object pursued by tourist clubs "Nedra" Novomoskovsk and "Ulysses" Tula. Sport routes are the most complex activities, conducted in Guryevsky quarries and require special training of participants in a serious and leader. Formation, control of training and placing on the route should be held under the auspices of the route- qualifying commissions. Equipment of the tourist groups special equipment falls to the actors and director and can be arranged through existing speleosektsy and clubs. Specific requirements are presented to the leaders of such groups whose training may be undertaken in preparation of public schools during the stp and stp, and in high school. The security of such activities should be Ensure the involvement or the social or professional emergency rescue teams. In conclusion we can say that the correct and rational use Guryevsky quarries can provide tangible