Phenomenon Material

This latest achievement evrospetsialistov guarantees up to 30 years without problems using the chimney. Modern ceramic chimneys contain all the best qualities of a brick chimney and sectioned. They are easy going, very reliable and versatile (ie, suitable for all heating appliances as the radical (System UNI), and Shaft-mounted version of the chimney. The modern design of the chimney flue, you can create a line of complex shape, while maintaining high reliability and safety design. Disadvantages ceramic chimney can be attributed only to their relatively high cost and relatively large in comparison with metal chimneys, wt.

Common to all types of chimneys main problems that lead to a breach of the quality Chimney – burning-chimney. The reason low-quality material, chimney, faulty design (ie, incorrect use of materials), improper operation of the heater. Investigation – risk of fire. – Violation of the insulation. 1. – Cracking and tightness of the flue channel. The reason – poor quality materials, poor execution of works, features brick chimneys. Consequence – Fire hazard, Smoke and zakapchivanie room.

In some cases, the condensate formed in the chimney, flows out through the cracks and contaminate the final finishing of the walls of the room. – The formation of soot and tar deposits on the the inner surface of the pipe. The reason – the insulating properties of the chimney, resinous wood, misuse heater. It is dangerous to fire on. Soot has a very high (1200 C) temperature burning material capable of destroying the chimney. Combustion of soot in the chimney – one of the most common causes of fires. This is a characteristic disease of brick chimneys. An important preventive measure in this If a timely cleaning and inspection of the chimney. – Poor traction in the ignition and operation of the heater. The cause of the phenomenon can be design chimney, insulation material, height and location of the chimney regarding the roof ridge and the surrounding objects, the lack of air flow into the room for combustion.