In Theodosius I rested 2-wa times: in 2005, and in 2006. Impressions of your holiday I want to share with you. In this article I also explain that now is an interesting look over or to visit in the resort city, will give separate recommendations, which, of course, you can help. To get to Feodosia few possible ways. The most favorable view for tourists – it is by rail. Most often, the summer period different cities allowed train direct connection up to Theodosia, because that town is away from the main railway line of the peninsula. If you have not got tickets to take a direct train from your city or these trains can not walk, in this case did not despair.

Arrive in Simferopol (commuter bus is located next to the railway along), is out on a comfortable bus get up to Theodosia. 2:00 paths and once your goal you kindly smiles. I myself went through both times Simferopol – just before it is much easier to get tickets. The next problem that will arise before the rest – it's housing. In case you have not booked yourself room in one of the various resorts, sanatoriums, rest homes or hotels, in this case does not regret. Directly at the train station sitting grandmother who rent rooms or houses in the private sector. There are many representatives of real estate, which will offer you a settlement in an apartment or room in an apartment or dorm. If you are not satisfied with the private sector, in which case it makes sense to come to the resettlement office visitors, then you try to find other accommodation.