Sol Water

You have built a country house of bricks with the same fence. And this brick covered with white bloom. It is efflorescence – salt out from the interior walls of the evaporation of water. The problem, at first glance seems simple, but to solve it can only be having some knowledge, experience and relevant materials. The company "Suchasn zhitlov tehnolog VTK" offers a range of materials that successfully solves this problem and consists of cleaning facades "Tiprom PF" – red gel to remove efflorescence mainly sulfate and carbonate origin. Flow rate – 1 liter. 3 – 4 m .

"Tiprom OC" – to remove stains and efflorescence solutions mainly silicate origin. Is a powder which is soluble with water. Consumption – 50 – 150 g / m . Removal of salts from the masonry. Cleaner facade apply with paint brush or roller to the surface. Withstand 3 – 10 minutes. In the case of absorption or drying of the previously specified time must repeat the process. Remove cleaner with the treated surface water with a brush or spray under pressure.

After that your front is absolutely clean. Preventing efflorescence. To prevent further occurrence of efflorescence, the facade is necessary to process water-repellent (water repellent) liquid "Tipromom K". "Tiprom K" – is silicone impregnation, solvent free, water-bred, totally environmentally friendly. It penetrates into the material to a depth of 1.5 – 5 mm, and creates a waterproof, steam-proof layer. Has a long service – no less than 10 years. Processing "Tipromom K" is necessary in order to prevent water from slanting rain, sleet, etc., from entering into walls or other building elements. It is water evaporates, salt again brings to the surface. After treatment of water-repellent liquid hardiness of the treated material is increased by several times, and strength – to 24 – 26%. This is especially valuable for brick fences, pillars, paving, most affected destruction of water and frost. Besides the above listed "Tiprom K" is used for concrete, plaster, foam, limestone. In combination with the water repellent is also a primer for any facade paints – decreases paint consumption by about half, and its service life is increased by three to six times. "Tiprom K" is also applicable to environments with high humidity: baths, saunas and swimming pools. In addition, he has antimycotic effect. The treated surface of the fungus is no longer there. It makes sense to cover "Tipromom to" tile or slate roofs, especially with a small slope. You can handle facades, painted in lime. White lime on the facade is beautiful, but short-lived, it rains wash away. If the cover lime "Tipromom K", the water gets to it is not terrible. Dirt is also not settle on it. The result is a cheap, durable and dazzling white exterior paint.