Special Forces Base

But, unfortunately, has many disadvantages, the main of which – the inability to operate at low temperatures. Nitrogen and air, similar to the characteristics of gases, it is absolutely undemanding in terms of use: can work in the heat and cold. Require more careful attention to safety measures. Scripts Games paintball: wall to wall task – to destroy the entire enemy team. Each team has one medic who can heal injured players for his team. When hit in the head – nurse did not help.

If involved in any another body part – the player falls to the ground or creeps for shelter if it is within 5 meters and a nurse calls (fire injured player can not). Medic to get to the wounded and heal the wound (to erase the paint). By the players to wash the paint is strictly prohibited. Except maybe 5 wounds in a row – in this case, the player once considered to be completely dead and can not be treated. Corpsmen treat themselves can not.

Capture the Flag on territory designated base warring parties, which set the flags of commands. The task of each team – to get to the enemy base alive, capture the flag and return with him to his base. The release of hostages on the basis of terrorists placed two unarmed hostage. The problem of special forces – for some time to find the hostages, to release and withdraw to their base. Hostages sitting on the ground and can move immovable for Special Forces, severely following the trajectory, only after he touches them up. If the commando, who led the hostage being killed – a hostage crouches and remains in place. The same goes for terrorists. To shoot hostages prohibited as a Special Forces soldiers and terrorists. Destruction of the object problem of terrorists – to smuggle a bomb on the enemy base in a pre-agreed upon by a point and set it there. If a terrorist bomb killed – he must leave a bomb on the ground in place of his death. Neutralization of bombs on the territory of the terrorists in a specific location within a radius of 20 yards set the bomb. The problem of special forces – for a limited time to find the bomb and neutralized. Escort VIP-person task commandos – to hold for some time, VIP-persons from the point A to point B alive. The task of the terrorists – to kill the VIP-persons at the designated interval of the route. vip is armed with 9-tizaryadnym marker-gun and could shoot the terrorists and to act independently without the help of commandos.