State School Dom Helvcio

In the afternoon of this last Wednesday, 7, girls and boys taken care of for program LBV Child: Future in the Gift! , they had received a visit interesting surprise: Pupils of the State School Dom Helvcio had brought milk to compose the baskets that will be deliver to the families of the children taken care of in the Legion of the Good will and a toy for each one of them. Happy, the children of the LBV had greeted the pupils with musics of welcome, and these had repaid the affection also singing. During all afternoon, together if they had amused very with tricks elaborated for the educators and saborearam a delicious snack. In accordance with the teacher of the state school Dom Helvcio, Quarina Roberta de Amorim, this activity has as ' ' main objective to acquire knowledge the children on the true one felt of the Christmas, that is daily in our lives. The project is developed with the pupils in classroom and during some weeks, of this time, they had been carried through you vary activities on the Legion of the Good will so that all could know the actions of the Institution. It stops to finish the project, the pupils had visited the LBV to carry through a festive meeting with the children, with focus in the socialization, live deeply harmonious and the search of the awareness of the look on outro' '.

It is the second time that the Legion of the Good will is chosen as partner for conclusion of this project. ' ' We know that it is of utmost importance the existence of entities that if worry about the devoid community, directing it so that he has a better future. We are been thankful by the chance that we had one more time to come with our pupils for interaction of same with the children daqui.