Style Vintage Construction

Vintage (from French vintage – wine years old) – a very fashionable trend in interior design, based on a combination of classic historical styles. However, the interior in the style of the vintage is not intended strict limits on the contrary it is huge scope for choice of styles and periods of time. In a vintage interior central place is physically old things once ruthlessly exiled to attics and closets in. It was shabby, antiques – furniture, lamps, pictures – create a unique charm of the "lost time" in your home. Today, nobody disputes that the vintage interiors are warmer, more comfortable and more harmonious than any others. Of course, buying antique furniture can afford not everyone, that's why modern designers have responded to the fashion trends and began to create a collection of furniture "antique".

As for the curtains and home textiles, and everything is more complicated and simpler at the same time. On the one hand, in a vintage interior space is devoted the most important textile – remember the interiors of palaces and lush draperies and canopies, lace tablecloths and charming covered with an abundance of ruffles. On the other hand, probably no one there thought to buy a curtain, are sewn to the Great October Revolution, or to decorate your bed linen with lace, found in prababushkinom chest. Therefore, the entire household textiles in vintage style, of course, made to order in your size and you need a color scheme. Curtains and textiles in the vintage style are based on historical styles – Baroque, Rococo, Provence, etc.

For this purpose, the old patterns and patterns, carefully restored or recreated from old photographs and paintings. Vinazhnye curtains – it's heavy drapes with lambrequins, an abundance of SMAD, and de perekidov frill. Naturally, fabric for curtains need such good drapiruemye. At present, the designers created a lot of tissue collection "antique". Plush, Shinile, brocade, heavy silk, satin curtain fabrics with jacquard tapestry designs and looks exactly the same as those that adorned the rooms of some the French queen, but thanks to modern technology and the use of synthetic additives, they are easier to clean, resistant to abrasion and fading. And all the "old" and worn fabric heterogeneity "woven by hand," created artificially. As for curtains, so for all textiles in the style of the vintage is abundant small pieces of cut, the use of brushes, finishing tape, the fine metal fastenings. ear. Very organic look to be forged rods, or massive wood with gold leaf. Particular attention should be paid to color and patterns of tissue. Priority should be given shades of gold, maroon, rarely blue, green, white and milk is appropriate. You should avoid too bright colors, although there are exceptions. Drawings can be as jacquard and printed. Suit all kinds of ornaments, small flowers, monograms. Vintage curtains often multilayered, or have two pairs of curtains – one – to pick up the wall and serves only a decorative purpose, the other – moving freely in ledge, for that would be shuttered window when it is needed. Due to its festive mood, respectability and unsurpassed comfort in the interiors of vintage style attracts people of all ages and characters. In this style can be designed as homes, banquet halls and expensive restaurants, hotel lobbies, offices and managers of large companies or public figures. The only contraindication we can assume Perhaps only small-sized apartments, where the textile design will take up too much living space. Photos of vintage curtains