Stained Doors And Windows

Wood Materials and door trims are often used planed pine. Since wood moisture vpitvyvaet, doors and trims in wet areas should be carefully protected. In these areas tree should also be protected from exposure to mold, stain and decay. In dry conditions the tree to protect from contamination. As a porous material, wood is easily contaminated and difficult to clean if it does not stain or varnish. Previously painted surface of the door and cabinets painted mainly or alkyd paints katalitnymi. When the repair paint data surfaces, it is often a problem with new paint adhesion to these solid surfaces. Secretary of Agriculture can provide more clarity in the matter.

In the coating of paint has katalitnoy wax, making it difficult stselenie paint. The best way to improve adhesion – a grinding surface. Washing with detergent and water, the surface is removed, for example, oil and other pollution impair adhesion. Metal Maximum load for metal surfaces – this corrosion. Metal corrosion is characteristic, ie, it seeks to return to the original, 'natural' state.

Cause corrosion and moisture is usually, hence, inside the metal corrodes not to such an extent as outside the building. Fats and oils, which are often characterized metal surfaces thoroughly to remove, as available in galvanized surface of the water-soluble salts. Vent pipe can be painted steel otsikovannoy water-based latex paint-term, however, the paint adheres only to thoroughly clean surface. Conventional alkyd paint can not be used for galvanized surfaces, as they react with alkali corrosive materials zinc. To clean metal surfaces, including galvanized, using emulsifying cleaners means, for example, Maalipesu, which is used to clean the inside of the building. Many metal surfaces such as metal doors, temporarily reserved for the storage of so-called prefabrication primer, time primer. In dry areas only enough paint alkyd paint, but in damp areas of corrosion primer treatment is needed, for example, Rostex. When painting water-based paint, the surface should always be primed with an alkyd primer.