Technology Construction

Technology for manufacturing of wooden stairs helical (staircase with his hands) is relatively simple. If desired, making a spiral staircase can be produced independently, but it requires certain skills in treatment not only with wood, but metal. Manufacturing technology of stairs (including manufacture of spiral staircases) suggests that modern designs are constructed mainly from metal blanks. ladders picture is quite obvious that to do everything necessary in the construction of spiral staircases, metal parts in a home workshop impossible. But absolutely real design and master the technology of assembly wooden staircases of this type itself (see "How to design the staircase?"). Make an order easily in the factory, in shop or firm specializing in the manufacture and installation of staircases. Information on how to manufacture of spiral staircases with their hands, can be found in specialized books.

You can do it even easier: buy ready-made spiral metal staircase in the shop or at the firm and collect on-site construction installation. This ensures compliance with the technology of stairs (making spiral staircases require special care, since the design should be, above all, safe). And in fact, and in another case it is necessary first define the basic parameters of the stairs – the diameter and height. Companies, manufacturers specialize in the manufacture of wooden stairs screw diameters from 915 to 2440 mm, however, should not lose sight of the fact that the stairs diameter of less than 1220 mm is difficult to carry even a small object. The height of the stairs in the manufacture of a spiral staircase to determine the nearest millimeter on the level of coverage above the lower deck to the upper level flooring. If opening for the ladder has not been made, specifically its height can be determined by drilling a hole in the overlapping of the upper floor (in place of the future opening of course) and go through it the cord on the end of which a plumb bob or any other suitable shape and weight of cargo. Pulling the cord with the top end so that cargo can not lay on the floor, and was in limbo, touching at the same time, the floor, make a mark on the cord in place of an imaginary its intersection with the floor level of the upper floors.

Lowering the power cord to the ground floor, stretching it on the floor, measure the distance from the outermost point of the goods made to mark the floor level of the upper floors. Manufacturing technology ladder also required to determine the most acceptable to you in terms of location of the point of entry to the staircase on the ground floor and the point where they exit from it – to a suitable direction of rotation of the screw of the march – left or right. These data for firms specializing in the manufacture of spiral staircases, will be enough. Manufacturer of metal spiral staircases will determine the number of necessary steps for the staircase, elaborate assembly drawing and manufacture all parts and assembly elements of the ladder. Manufacturing technology ladder in this case involves a simple process of assembling a spiral staircase that does not require special skills. If the order for the winding staircase expected to be placed in non-studio, you need to prepare detailed drawings of all assembly details the ladder.