The Desire

Living in a family, you tend to get a room for one or two people. Furnished room such as a rule, a standard set of furniture: a bed, desk, lamp, chairs, wardrobe or chest. Be careful when using electrical appliances (tension in some parts of England may be 240 – for example, our network is designed for 220 V). Therefore, before using electrical appliances, check this point. There are some disadvantages for staying at home.

For example, you'll have to put up with someone else's schedule, will not be able to use the kitchen without a permit will have to ask the owners of the desire invite your friends, to warn about the desire to return home later. And another important fact – your bedroom is not likely to be locked with a key, although in England you can hardly disturbed without knocking. Living in a student hostel. In the case of accommodation in a hostel, the comfort of a room depends largely on the high cost of college and thus its status. The cost of room and can vary from an average of 30 to $ 60. Tend to offer separate single or twin room with a standard set of furniture: a bed, table, chairs, cabinets, floor lamp. For an additional cost computer, TV, fridge. The room is usually equipped with only sink, toilet, shower and kitchen are available to all students on the floor. The expensive colleges in all the above furniture is already in the room and for her do not pay extra, besides it is equipped with a shower.