The Fish Pepe

Never thought that he would write a letter to a bishop and less a Bishop emeritus, because although that Word makes me remember the merits that one has to do to, not is if that word comes to mind with the charge that holds. I would not take the words of the Bishop outside answer, but when one says that he feels pain, is usually by the death of a person or a family misfortune and not because the climate for dialogue has changed, but you already know, climate change (climate change) say that it will involve major disasters on the planet but we do not stoppedIE, instilling fear, it seems that it still serves to give greater importance and relevance to a working hypothesis. But returning to the climate conducive for dialogue with a few murderers, that I can remember in the first murder that he tells us in the Bible, there was repression!.! While it is true that there was also dialogue, but despite the dialogue, the murderer of his brother will put a stigma (a signal), and certainly not kill him, but will condemn him and are you arrojo’s arable land. You remove my dear Bishop the teachings of such readings, maybe I just am a sinner who cannot understand what gives to understand that writing and why I have more than 15 years. For your other comments, seems to imply that the use of repressive ways are not appropriate, i.e., not conducive to the implementation of the laws the disappearance of the killers perhaps means more to the set of his parishioners and not parishioners, and perhaps, one thing is right and is when talking about certain political requirements, which make it difficult, they disappear some arguments that are skillfully used by certain groups now excluded ifnow not in the conflict and which serve to also feed the murderers. .