The Technology Of Planting Potatoes In The Farm

Adelaide begins to farm planting. Spring field work begins with the harrowing of the soil to retain moisture that has accumulated in autumn and winter. In the Kherson region under harrowing early potatoes not conduct, and immediately prepare the ground for planting. This is due to a sufficiently early time frame fit, as well as a decrease of mechanical load on the soil. Each successive soil pereuplotnyaet operation and destroys the structure that unacceptable for the potatoes. An important element is the technology of potato preplant tillage.

The purpose of pre-plant – to create a stable "melkokomkovuyu" soil structure with sufficient amount of time and good contacts with the lower water storage layers. The soil in the spring should be treated only to the required depth to reduce water loss, in the area, is a limiting factor. The farm uses complex machines with shaped teeth, spring harrows and rollers. Cultivation is carried out at a depth of 12-14 cm, it provides the necessary loose soil structure, prevents excessive moisture loss as compared to milling and get high performance. It is very important to ensure optimal density plantings. It depends on several factors, the seed crop is is 50-57 thousand. 1 hectare, while the commodity crop that ranges from 38 to 45 thousand.

1 hectare. Should take into account the fraction of planting material, tubers with small fraction (less than 35 mm) planted density of 40-45 thousand pcs. 1 ha, with an average (35-55 mm) fraction of 38 – 42 thousand. 1 ha, and large (55-75) – 33 – 38 thousand. 1 ha. Among the varieties of potatoes are planted on the farm are as follows: in the early group – Rivera, Ariel, Karatop, Erou; group average maturity – Molly, Courage, Roco, Romantsev, technical grade – Karlen, pyrrole, Bonus. Optimal timing of planting potatoes occur upon heating the soil up to 5-8 C at a depth of 10-12 cm in the Kherson region for early production run certain risks, planting potatoes in the early period, this period is 2-3 decade of March.